Ozark Valley Medical Clinic mission is to turn back the clock on medical care. 

Our mission clinics treat our patients like one of the family, not a number.

We want to simplify your life by getting rid of the stress of high health care cost.

For a very low cost - about what it cost to go out to dinner - you can see a DOCTOR
and not have to wait for hours to get in! 


BRANSON LIFT UP CLINIC:   .............  417-317-5318   
         (Seasonal Hours: Check Schedule)

            2715   W 76 Country Blvd   (Across from Aquarium on the Boardwalk on the strip)   
            Lift Up Branson Urgent & Primary Care

            CURRENT HOURS:  Tuesday - Saturday:  9am to 7pm

  If you need assistance outside our days/hours: please call/visit the Ozark Clinic for telemedicine, 

  Walk-In or Appointments:  417-317-5318.  On Hwy 76 across from Aquarium on the Boardwalk on the strip
  Self Pay and Membership



SPRINGFIELD CLINIC:  Lift Up Mission ..........  clinic@liftupspringfield.org

     2005 E. Kearney E. St.  Suite K (Glenstone and Kearney behind O'Reillys).   
     Walk - In's on Friday's from 9am to noon.  Sliding scale.  




OZARK LIFT UP CLINIC:  9 am - 6 pm, Monday - Friday ............... 417-317-5330
         Hwy 65 and Hwy CC (Lambert's Exit, behind McDonalds & Taco Bell: on the NW service rd) 
            Lift Up Ozark Urgent & Primary Care.  Self Pay and Membership
         Walk-In or App0ointments



3 Locations to serve you!


Affordable - Convenient - Fast - Care  ALWAYS  SEE  A  DOCTOR