Office visits in all of our clinics are available by appointment or walk-in. 

You can make an appointment for the time that suits your schedule best:
after school, after work, on weekends or late at night!

We are there for sickness, testing, urgent care, medicine management, and so much more!

Accidents and sickness never schedule a convenient time to occur,

so we have you covered.  You can call for an appointment or
just get into the car and head our way!

We DO NOT treat emergencies:  PLEASE call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room.

Direct Pay or OVMC Care Membership Plan

We like things the old fashioned way.  We do not accept insurance.  This allows us to provide reasonable, low cost services because we don't have to hire staff just to file and deal with the headaches of insurance.  Most of our patient's find our affordable fees are less than their co-pay or less than the cost of a dinner out on the town!

Adults pay only $49/month and children pay only $20/month for excellent benefits!

We provide an OVMC Care Plan Membership that allows for half price office visits and many other discounts and perks!  For one low monthly cost most all yours or your families medical needs are covered.  We also offer this same plan to employers so they can provide low cost medical care to their employees! See our "OVMC Membership" page for details.

About Us

Office Visits

Urgent Care

We are "Lift Up Ozark", a part of "Lift Up Someone Today", a 501c3 Non-Profit mission clinic founded to take care of the many health needs of people that "fall through the cracks".  Our "Lift Up Springfield" mission provides medical, dental and mental health care to the homeless, poverty stricken and Veterans to SW Missouri and any those from any other state that is unable to find help. You can read more about "Lift Up Springfield on its website at and you can follow its weekly post on Facebook.

"Lift Up Springfield" has provided help to over 10,000 people since it opened in January 2016.

Our "Lift Up Ozark" mission (Ozark Valley Medical Cilnic) was founded to help the "Working Person". 

Many people have good jobs but are uninsured or have insurance but their deductibles are several thousand dollars!  So these people are left without care in many cases.   So we provide the "Working Person" with several things:  1) A way to get very reasonable health care.  For one low cost (about the cost of going out for dinner) they can get almost all of their medical needs met.  2) We also know that the "working person" loses money when they have to take off work to go to the doctors office or pull their children out of school for doctors visits.  Now, they can make regular primary care appointments for a time that works best for them:  day, night or weekend.  3) We also save families a tremendous amount of money because they don't have to go to the "standard" urgent care clinics or the Emergency room, especially if they are on vacation.  The average urgent care visit is $750 and an average emergency room visit is $2,000.  Our office visits are only $75 and include most everything one may need except outside services such as labls, xrays or medicines. 

You will also find a family atmosphere in our clinic.  We strive to make it as "warm and non-medical" and "old-fashioned" as possible.  We want you to feel welcome  and we want to be your doctor.  And it is a doctor that you will see when you come in.  We are small and believe the old days of medicine had a great advantage.  Things weren't rushed, doctors took their time and listened to you and never  treated you as a number.  They knew your name, your kids and even your dogs name!  So will we.  They took time to explain your medical issues and how your medicines worked.  We keep our clinic simple.   Our goal is to take care of you and be there for you when you need us, for most all your needs.

We do this 365 days a year from 7 am until midnight.