If you are suffering from a qualifying medical condition for the use of Medical Marijuana in Missouri, we can help you with your MMJ Card.


We carry a full line of

pharmaceutical grade CBD Products

Appointments: Office Visits for new card:   $150

Renewal Appointments (Office Visit or Telemedicine):  $100
Veterans:  20% Discount  (must show approved Veteran ID papers/card)
*If you have a group or organization: we can come to you or set aside time for a

group telemedicine call, call for special pricing, information and to set up an appointment date.

All fees must be paid at the time of your office visit or telemedicine, prior to seeing or speaking with the doctor.



  • MMJ Card visits must be paid at the time of check in or telemedicine call, prior to seeing or speaking with the doctor.
  • Office Visits: You must bring your medical records with you.  If you are already a regular patient with OVMC, we will have your records already onfile. If you do not have them we can get them for you at the time of your appointment.  Please see the "IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR RECORDS" bullet point below.
  • Telemedicine Visits: You must fax or email your medical records to us BEFORE your telemedicine visit.  If you do not have them we can get them for you.  Please see the "IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR RECORDS WITH YOU AT THE TIME OF YOUR APPOINTMENT or TELEMEDICINE CALL"  instructions in the bullet point below.             EMAIL:     FAX:  417-763-3370
  • "IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR RECORDS WITH YOU AT THE TIME OF YOUR APPOINTMENT or TELEMEDICINE CALL".  We will get these for you at your first appointment or call.  There is a $50 fee for this service.  Telemedicine calls will need to call the clinic and have a release of information emailed or faxed to them and this must be signed and then returned via email or fax to us before your telemedicine call.
  • Telemedicine Calls:  We will give you specific instructions when you call in to make your telemedicine appointment.  If you are doing a telemedicine visit: all medical records must have been sent to us before your telemedicine call, otherwise, if you do not have them, you will need to pre-arrange with our staff at the time you schedule your telemedicine visit, a signed release so that we can obtain your records.  There is a $50 for this service. 
    Please have the ability to email or fax necessary paperwork for all telemedicine visits.                  
    EMAIL: FAX: 417-763-3370
  • You must submit your application online with the state within 30 days of the date of your appointment, otherwise it is void and you will be required, by the state, to submit a new application.  This new application will require a renewal appointment with our doctors.  Renewal fee:  $100. 
  • If this card is for a minor, PROOF of guardianship must be provided.  The guardian MUST accompany the patient or be physically present during the telemedicine call.
  • If you would like for us to assist you in filing your application online, there is a $50 fee.
  • We can NOT guarantee approval for the application or with the state.  There are no refunds in
    the event your application is not approved by the state of Missouri.  If you must submit another application, it will be charged at the renewal rate of $100.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  if your condition is PTSD or ANY other debilitating psychiatric disorder: it is REQUIRED by Missouri law that this condition be diagnosed by a state licensed psychiatrist.  You MUST have this diagnosis IN YOUR MEDICAL RECORDS from a licensed psychiatrist or we will be unable to complete the MMJ application.  There are NO refunds should the office visit or telemedicine visit be unable to be completed due to failure to meet this requirement.  

We accept Appointments, Walk-In's or Telemedicine Visits.
Groups/organizations: Can request an on-site or group telemedicine visit.

Appointments are ONLY available at the Springfield Clinic.  (Sunshine & 65)

3259 E. Sunshine St., Suite AA.  (Corner of Ingram Mill & Sunshine)

For Appointments for doctor's visit or telemedicine visits call: 417-317-5035

This service is not included in the OVMC Membership

Regular OVMC telemedicine fees do NOT apply. See MMJ Certificate fees below.