The human body has known how to heal itself since the beginning of time.  This important fact is continually overlooked in todays medicine.  When our body is injuried our body calls out many growth and healing factors, each assigned with a specific job designed to repair and heal. 

Platelet Rich Plasma, Stem Cells and Prolotherapy treatments have been extremely successful in treating

many major health issues thereby alleviating the need for surgery and mediations:  It has decreased the need for knee, shoulder and hip surgeries by improving the pain and function of these joints; decreasing the pain and inflammation due to arthritis; decreasing and in most instances eliminating elbow, muscle, knee, shoulder and back pain; improving erectile dysfunction, improving urinary stress incontenience in women that have had children thereby dereasing the need for surgery; hair replacement; cosmetic facial injections to revitalize the face naturally - replacing the need for Botox® or filler injections.

The reason joint injuries to our knees, shoulders, ankles and hips take so long to heal is that there is very little blood supply to the cartilage and tendons in those areas. 

Blood vessels are literally the

"Highway" that bring in oxygen

and the healing and growth factors that are required for healing to occur.  This is why they say it is just better to have broken the joint - there is plenty of blood supply to the bones.  So our joints heal very slowly.




The platelet is the "soldier" of our body.  It's job is to continually circulate looking for damage.  When it finds any damage (inflammation)  it does 2 things:  1) It jumps right in and starts to personally do what it can to prevent further damage and start to fix what it can and 2) it sends out a "911 call" to a tremendous number of healing and growth factors (many of which are in the liver).  These factors then all rush to the damaged area to assess the situation and see if "their" services are needed.  If their services are needed, they stay and get to work. 

Two of the most important of these factors are VEG-F and the Fibroblast cell.

VEG-F is in charge of building new blood vessels (the very highway that carries oxygen and the healing and growth factors into the damaged area) and the Fibroblast is the "manufacturing company" of collagen.  Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body: basically it makes up most all of the connective tissue in our bodies.  And is the key for those of us who want to keep the elasticity in our skin that keeps us looking younger!

The PRP treatment simply "super starts" this natural process by packing a person's own platelets to 5,000,000 to 7,000,000.  This allows for a major inflammatory process that continues the healing factors to work for years.  Because these are your own platelets, there is no rejection.

***See platelet concentration comparisons of the PRP systemts under our "Services and Fee" page. 


Stem Cells are found in our own bone marrow and our adipose tissue (fat).  These are  "baby cells that don't know what they want to be when they grow up.  Stem cells e able to differentiate into different types of cells.  This is what helps regenerate tissues.  Stem cell use has also been significantly successful in the treatment of many serious diseases and cancers. 





Human Amniotic Tissue Mesencymal Cell Injections

PROLOTHERAPY  (non-steroid)

Prolotherapy was developed in Germany in the 1930's by two German Scientist/Physicians.  However, the concept behind prolotherapy actually dates back to the Roman Empire.   Prolotherapy consist of multiple injections of a natural irritant into damaged tissue, muscle, ligament or joint spaces in order to create an inflammatory process which calls out the same healing and growth factors that platelets utlilize.  This therapy has been very successful in decreasing and in many cases eliminating pain in most people for many conditions:  back pain, muscle/tendon pain, arthritis.  It is the safe alternative to steroid injections.  Steroid injections are dangerous and cause many side effects:  Steroids thin bones, leading to osteoporosis, thins skin, affects sex hormones and can cause impotence in men, it makes the user immunoincompetent (it shuts down your immune system so you are unable to fight off sickness and disease), and can even cause an adrenyl crisis which can lead to death.  The nice thing about the safety of Prolotherapy is that the treatment can be done anytime and as often as needed.

PRP, Stem Cells, Human Amnionic Tissue, Prolotherapy treaments all focus on increasing the response of these healing and growth factors while preparing better "highways" for their delivery.

It is ALWAYS BEST to avoid surgery when you can!




therapies have been proven to significantly improve the healing and reduce (and in many cases eliminate) pain and the need for surgery in many people.  These treatments have been successful, standard treatments used for many years in most other countries throughout the world, but are still considered as "alternative medicine" in the United States.  So these treatments are not covered by insurance but



Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthrits relief, Knee Injuries,

Rotator Cuff Injuries, Muscle and Tendon Injuries, De Quervain Tendonitis, Tennis and Golf Elbow, Back Pain, Pressure Points, Disc Problems, Fibromyalgia,

Rotator Cuffs Tendonitis and Tears, Osteoarthritis.



PRP and Stem Cell therapy stimulate the healing and growth factors that heal our body to also regenerate our aging body.  It stimulates and increases the production of collagen so that wrinkles are reduced and in many cases eliminated: taking years off of our faces.  They can revitalize the hair follicles to stimulate the regrowth of hair in thinning or balding spots.  They can also help to improve erectile dysfunction in men and decrease and in many cases eliminate stress incontenience in women due to weakened pelvic muscles due to having babies.  The womens stress incontenience procedure comes with a plus as all of the surrounding tissues are also injected so there is usually an increase in sexual response.

Please call or email our office to schedule a consultation with the doctor. Appointment consultations are charged based on 30 minute periods:  $125 per 30 minutes.  
If you would like to come in and watch our informational video's on our regenerative options, just make a video appointment - there is NO CHARGE for a video appointment.

These treatments also provide excellent, natural non-surgical treatments for urinary incontinence for ladies with bladder control issues, natural regrowth of thinning hair, orgasmic shots in increase sexual response, Peyronies Disease, Erectile Dysfunction, cosmetic to reduce wrinkles and signs of aging (lasting years instead of 4 months like Botox®.



Growth Factors

Cytokines, Stem Cells





Pure amniotic fluid, membrane, Wharton's jelly (later of the umbilical cord) and placental tissue are found to have the richest sources of regenerative properties.  We have four options of amionitc tissue; three contain different blends of cytokines, proteins, growth factors and scaffolding properties: which are the functional factors involved in the reconstruction, repair and protection of human tissue.  Our fouth option of amnion tissue contains an extremely high level of mesenchymal stem cells.

Our amniotic tissue is 100% pure and provides the utmost in excellence for natural,

non-surgical tissue regeneration.