We accept most all major credit and debit cards and cash.   We so not accept checks.  


Care Credit is a national health credit card.  It can be used for most any medical purpose:  doctor's visits for

primary and urgent care, medical cosmetic procedures, various other medical procedures, dental visits,

veterinarian visits, etc. 

You can apply for a Care Credit Card right in our office and receive an immediate response to your application.

Care Credit allows you to pay monthly payments toward your medical bills. 


OVMC offers an affordable healthcare program to cover most all your Primary Care and Urgent Care needs.

Individuals (18 and up)     $70 per month

Children (<18)                    $20 per month*  (with one adult membership)

Family (>4 members)        $195 maximum per month for a family.

OVMC Care Plan Member Benefits

Please see our OVMC Health Membership page for Membership details.

Payments:  All payments and co-pays are due at the time service is rendered.


Our same OVMC Health Membership offers a great advantage to employers.  Now, employers can offer

excellent, but reasonable health plans to their employees and save the high premiums they have to pay

with high cost insurance plans with high deductibles. 

We have great plans with excellent reduced pricing for employers with 10 or more employees (one payer).  We also offer these same employee cost to the employees family.

Please see our OVMC Health Membership page for Membership details.


Ozark Valley Medical Clinic's is able to offer a commercial medical credit financing option.  This financing can cover most all of your medical needs and services, including our specialty medicine treatments: regenerative medicine , medical cosmetics, addiction medicine services and treatments.  It provides a reasonable monthly repayment plan and lower interest rates.  We also have plans for those with poor credit.  Check with our offices for details.