Office Visits

Clinic Hours

Primary Care and Urgent Care Services 
Walk-In or by Appointment

COVID-19 Testing:  PCR and RAPID TESTING.   Antibody Labs.  

Acute illnesses (strep throat, fever, flu, cough, ear ache/wax, sty, cold, cough, laryngitis),

Infections (UTI, URI, abscesses drainage, sinus),

Acne and Rashes (poison ivy, shingles, eczema, diaper rash),

Minor Injuries (lacerations, burns, sprains, strains, insect or animal bites, work injuries, fish hooks),

Skin Lesion Removal (warts, moles, skin tags, pre-cancerous: actinic keratosis, basal cell, molluscum),

Ingrown toenails,

Minor in-office procedures,

Well Woman Visits (PAP, breast exam),
General Illness (heartburn, GERD, headache, back pain, gout, allergies, stomach pain),
Physicals (general, sports, school),

STD exams and consultations,

Breathing issues (asthma, pneumonia, breathing treatments),

Birth control,

Pain Managment (PRP, Prolotherapy, Stem Cells, Amniotic Cell Shot, Trigger Point Injections, Spinal Injections),

Tissue Regeneration

Headaches (Migraine: Auricular Nerve Ablation - Daith Piercing)
Chronic Illness Management (diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, cholesterol),
Mild depression and anxiety,

Medication management,
Travel medication,

TB Testing,

Vaccines (Tetanus, Flu, COVID),

Drug Screening,

Specialist referrals,

X-RAY and EKG (In-House and Referrals),

Imaging Referrals  (CT, MRI, Ultrasound),

*LABS:  We can run any lab test that you would like without an office visit.  (this does not include any consult

or medication management).  We will simply provide you with the results of the lab.  If you would like a

consultation to discuss your results or medication follow up, we will be happy to make an appointment for you.

Ozark Clinic:   9 am until 6 pm, Monday thru Friday
Branson Clinic:  Telemedicine ONLY during off-season (Dec. 1 to May 1)

Springfield Mission Clinic:  Friday's from 9am to noon

Office Visits Fees

Appointment or Walk In:  Standard Office Visit:   $135  *See SPECIAL BELOW   (FREE if you are a member)

TELEMEDICINE VISITS:  $75 per visit, per person, prepaid.  Please visit our Telemedicine Page for details.
(FREE if you are a member) 

Consider our Lift Up Ozark Valley Health Membership Plan and receive UNLIMITED FREE Telemedicine visits and UNLIMITED FREE Office Visits in our Ozark and Branson clinics.


If you have not had annual labs done, we will do your 5 basic baseline annual labs for only $30 dollars with your office visit ($135). 

Exam and Labs for only $165, saving you over $400 in lab fees!  
Members always get their basic labs for only $10 per lab - anytime