Office Visits

Office Visits Prices

Appointment or Walk In:  Standard Office Visit in Ozark and Springfield:   $75
Appointment or Walk In:  Standard Office Visit in Branson:  $90

Appointment or Walk In:  OVMC Care Plan Membership   $35 Adult, $20 Children

Clinic Hours

Office Visits (Appintment or Walk In) Include

Acute illnesses (strep throat, fever, flu, cough, ear ache/wax, sty, cold, cough, laryngitis),

Infections (UTI, URI, abscesses drainage, sinus, diaper),

Acne and Rashes (poison ivy, shingles, eczema),

Minor Injuries (lacerations*, burns, sprains, strains, insect or animal bites, work injuries, fish hooks),

Skin Lesion Removal* (warts*, moles*, skin tags*, pre-cancerous*: actinic keratosis*, basal cell*, molluscum*),
General Illness (heartburn, GERD, headache, back pain, gout, allergies, stomach pain),
Physicals (general, sports, school),

STD exams and consultations,

Breathing issues (asthma, pneumonia, breathing treatments),

Birth control,
Chronic Illness Management (diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, cholesterol),
Mild depression and anxiety,

Medication management,
Travel medication, IV Fluids,

Specialist referrals,

In House Labs (Urinalysis, Fast Strep, Pregnancy, Fecal Occult, Fast Glucose).

LABS:  We can run any lab test that you would like without an office visit.  (this does not include any consult

or medication management).  We will simply provide you with the results of the lab.  If you would like a

consultation or medication follow up, we will be happy to make an appointment for you.

*Additional fees for larger or deeper lacerations or >5 removal/treatment of multiple skin lesions.

Ozark Clinic:   7 am until Midnight, 365 Days a Year
Branson Clinic:  8 am until 10 pm, 365 Days a Year

Springfield Clinic:  8 am until 6 pm, Monday through Friday


These services/products are available at an additional cost, they are not included in the standard office visit.

Complicated and/or deep lacerations, multiple skin lesion removal, x-rays, ultrasounds, EKG’s, Spirometry,

outside labs, PAP labs, biopsies, vaccines, TB testing, medicines, ingrown toenails, drug screening,
steroid injections, DOT physicals, medical equipment (braces, crutches, slings), Comprehensive health screenings, Cancer Screenings and imaging.


These services/products are available at an additional cost, they are not included in the standard office visit.

Regenerative Medicine:  Platelet Rich Plasma*, Stem Cells*, Amniotic Cell Therapy.

Pain management with Platelet Rich Plasma*, Prolotherapy, Stem Cells*.

Medical Cosmetics:  Platelet Rich Plasma, Micro Needling, Botox, Fillers, Hair Replacement, Mesotherapy, Schlerotherapy (for spider veins and reticular veins).

Migraines:  Auricular Nerve Ablation Piercing  (ANA).

Trigger Point Injections.

Dermatology:  Acne, Pre-cancerous lesions (basal cell, actinic keratosis), skin tags, warts, age spots.

Regenerative Medicine Procedures:  Urinary Incontinence, Erectile Dysfunction, Hair Replacement.

Comprehensive Screenings for cancer and serious illnesses.

Weight Management

Massage Therapy:  Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Injections, Relaxation, Lymphatic, Pregnancy, and Neuromuscular


When you are researching a provider for Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) it is important to ask them what method of preparation they are using.  At Ozark Valley Medical Clinic - Springfield Clinic:  We use both the Harvest and Magellin Systems.  These systems require very specialized procedure kits which use the high tech specialized processing systems of the Harvest and Magellin Centrifuges.  This guarantees that the platelets are packed and concentrated between 5 and 7 MILLION.  This is the platelet count that is required for tissue regeneration.  If the provider does NOT have either of these sytems, they will NOT be able to pack and

concentrate platelets to theraputic levels.  Be aware that some providers use only basic, lab centrifuges that only pack platelets 500,000, yet they will charge the same price as a provider that is utilizing the Harvest or Magellin systems.  Please see the comparisons of platelet quality between different PRP systems.